Block Scheduling

Our middle and high schools will be transitioning to block schedule for the 2022-2023 school year. The middle school, 7th and 8th grade, will be on A/B block model. The high school will be on a 4x4 block model.

LHS Block Schedule

LHS Block Schedule Key points and a brief look at what the 4x4 block schedule could look like for students in 9-12th grade. 


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LHS Scheduling/Course Selection Timeline

2/1  - Rising Freshman Parent Seminar
2/3  - Rising Senior Parent Seminar
2/4  - Course Request, Parent Information release
2/7  - Rising Senior scheduling (group/individual)
2/9  - Rising Junior & Early Graduate scheduling (group/individual)
2/10 - Rising Sophomore scheduling (group/individual)
2/11 - Rising Freshman scheduling (group/individual)
2/15 - 3/10 - Parent/Student online or in-person appointments
3/11  - Student portal closes

LMS Block Schedule

LMS Block Schedule Key points and a brief look at what the A/B block schedule could look like for students in 7th & 8th grade. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions based on questions submitted by parents and stakeholders. 

Special education services will be provided by either or both inclusion or learning strategies.  Inclusion services will allow for the special education teacher to serve alongside the classroom teacher in core/state-tested courses.

Special education services will be provided via inclusion services and/or learning strategies.  A student may have learning strategies one block one semester and may receive inclusion services the other. Services will vary depending on the student’s schedule.

Athletic classes are scheduled for the year (one semester as the sport, the other as strength and conditioning).  If the student makes the team, he/she will be automatically scheduled.  Other extracurricular activities that are normally scheduled during the school day are still scheduled as such.  Some, as a full year, some as a semester.

Activity choices will depend on the student’s progress towards graduation requirements. 

Counselors will provide this information during the course selection process (typically in February).   Parents have the opportunity to schedule meeting with either counselor to secure information towards graduation progress.

Currently, the middle school offers Latin I and efforts are being made to extend offerings in other languages. 

Every effort will be made to schedule AP courses in the spring semester.  However, some will be scheduled in the fall semester.  AP instructors will provide review material and review sessions during the spring semester at various times.  

Longer class periods will allow for richer instructional differentiation for all students.

Foreign languages 1 and 2 should be taken within the same year, if possible.  Counselors will monitor the sequence of both math and English courses and will do their best to ensure that prolonged periods do not exist in sequential courses.   Per the research conducted, non-sequential scheduling has not proven to be ineffective for the average learner.

Counselors will work with students to ensure adequate courses to meet the needs of all graduation tracks.

Yes, updates will be provided at a later date.

In general, core courses will be offered each semester.

Teachers will receive training to incorporate new strategies to accommodate the extended class periods.  Training starts February 18, 2022, and will continue throughout the summer of 2022.

As on the traditional schedule, the option to play multiple sports will still be available.

Not necessarily, however, the graduation track will be reviewed to determine credits needed for graduation.

Course selections will remain a yearly event.

LMS - State-tested courses will continue to be taught all year with testing in April/May.
LHS - State-tested courses will be offered in the fall and spring semesters.  State testing on the high school level takes place in November/December and April/May.

Yes, students will have classes every day, alternating every other day.

LMS - Elective courses currently offered as a semester will remain a semester in length.  Elective courses offered as a full-year course will remain a full-year course.
LHS -  Elective courses currently offered as a semester course will be taught in nine weeks with a new selection every nine weeks.  Elective courses taught for a full year will be taught in a semester.

LMS - Students will have a total of 8 classes on their schedule.   However, classes will alternate meetings, 4 classes a day.   Classes will be 96 minutes in length.
LHS - Students will meet 4 classes periods/blocks each day, 96 minutes each block.   Students will enroll in 4 new classes each semester.