FAQ - Return to School Plan


The district will return to traditional, in-person instruction that requires all students to be physically present in school.

  • 180 days of school with 330 instructional minutes daily.

LCSD will return to a traditional school year for all Pre-K-12 students. Virtual learning will be only provided to K-12 students who are quarantined by the district or when schools are closed.

Face coverings are optional.  An executive order or health conditions may require face coverings at some point during the year. For more information, see the quarantine section of our Return to School Plan.

The District will provide a limited number of masks for students for use on school buses as well as in the school buildings. However, students and staff may provide their own personal face coverings and must follow guidelines in the school dress code.

Parents are the first line of defense in the screening process. Parents are encouraged to check the temperatures of their children each morning before sending them to school. Temperatures will be taken each morning in the homeroom/first-period class. Thermometers will be provided to each first period/homeroom teacher. Students with a temperature of 100 or higher will be sent to the school’s Health Station for further screening.

School buildings and buses will be cleaned/sanitized daily as well as increased cleaning and sanitizing throughout the day. Hand sanitizer will be available in each classroom. Hand sanitizer dispensers will be placed throughout the building.

Elementary: Outside recess will occur daily as weather permits. Safety precautions will be in place.
Secondary: An in-room break will be scheduled during the second-period class.

Students will have the opportunity to have breakfast in a “Grab-and-Go” style.  

Breakfast and lunch will be offered free of charge to ALL students.  
Students will eat lunch in the cafeteria. The location of meals is subject to change as warranted by health needs. 

Lunches may be dropped off by parents. Food delivery services will not be allowed. Parents may not eat lunch with their children.

All students will need to be dropped off and picked up at the designated location for each school. Information about revised routes/drop-offs due to the new elementary school will be provided before the start of school.

Parents will not be allowed to walk students into the building. School staff members will be available to assist students in the building.

Doctor excuses may be required.

Teachers will utilize various tools to communicate with parents (i.e. Virtual meetings, video calls, email, and telephone calls). In-person meetings will be scheduled as needed.

All LCSD students will have an electronic device assigned to them by the district.

The YMCA will provide measures to keep all students safe during after school care.

All students will be expected to meet current LCSD grade requirements as outlined in District policy and in the school handbooks. Student handbooks are made available in the online registration process.

Parents/guardians may enter the school to check students in/out of school.  

Students will be encouraged to sit in family groups. Buses will be cleaned/sanitized each day.

In accordance with guidelines set by the Mississippi High School Activities Association, sports and other MHSAA sanctioned activities will continue. The Lafayette County School District will yield to all regulations and decisions of the MHSAA.