Registration and immunizations

Parents, if you live in the Lafayette County School District and are interested in sending your child to one of the schools in our district, you’re in the right place! Thank you for your interest! We’ve designed our Registration and Immunizations page to help in the enrollment process; however, we also recommend contacting the school to discuss registration. You will find contact information for each school on Our Schools page.

  • Tdap Immunization is required for all incoming 7th graders.

Registration process

To register a child, a parent must provide the school with the following documents:

  • Documents provided by parent/guardian/other adult/or student (minimum of two required):
    • Filed homestead exemption application form/land tax receipt (must be from current year)
    • Mortgage documents/property deed (with physical address — must be from current year)
    • Apartment or home lease (cannot be handwritten receipt)
    • Utility bills (current within two months — no cell phone bills)
    • Automobile registration (must be from current year car tag, not car title)
    • Any other documentation that will objectively and unequivocally establish that the parent or guardian resides within the school district (no cell phone bill or car insurance statement)
  • Affidavit of residency (two proofs of residency are still required)
  • Student is living with legal guardian and a certified copy of the court decree, or petition if pending, was received declaring the district resident to be the legal guardian of the student and further declaring that the guardianship was formed for a purpose other than establishing residency for school district attendance. 
  • Student is living with an adult other than parent or legal guardian, and the adult has provided a sworn affidavit stating his/her relationship to the student, and that the student will be living in his/her home full-time, and fully explaining the reasons (other than school attendance zone or district preference) for this arrangement and the school board or its designee has made the necessary factual determination under II.1(c)(2) of the state residency verification procedures.